Over 250,000 copies in print

Translated into 14 languages

190 pages, 45 photos

"Amazingly insightful"
  - CNN Atlanta

"Animal behaviors translated into human interactions!"
  - L.A. Times

"Fascinating and original way of seeing ourselves"
  - KYLV San Fran

Are you a wolf, rugged and misunderstood, or more like the introspective mole? Take the Animal In You personality test! To identify the animal that best matches you simply answer the questions below as honestly as you can. For even more accurate results, you might want to get ratings from people that know you well or have them take the test for you!

This test is based on the best selling book The Animal in You by Roy Feinson, which explores how biological and social pressure conspire to form our personalities. If you find it to be uncannily accurate, it's due to the test's sophisticated algorithms.

When you've entered your personal data, the test will build a mathematical model that corresponds to your unique personality, match it to our database of animal profiles and choose the ones closest to you. Though you may have one or two other possible results, remember that each person properly matches only one animal personality.

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