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Our human zoo is made up of almost fifty different animal personality types. While each animal personality is unique, they also fall into one of five general categories: carnivores, herbivores, rodents, birds and reptiles. Are you the herbivorous type, stable and well grounded? Or are you a carnivore - agressive, enthusiastic and willing to take what's yours? Click on the categories below for more information, as well as a list of the animal types and links to each of their profiles.

Animal Categories

Insectivores & Rodents

Bat Beaver Mole Mice Porcupine Prairie Dog Shrew

Small | Creative | Thrifty | Active | Resilient | Cautious | Small | Socially Adept | Bright


Baboon Bison Cottontail Deer Elephant Giraffe Gorilla Horse Hippo M.Goat Rhino Sable Sheep Warthog Zebra

Sociable | Hard Working | Sober | Friendly | Family Oriented | Organized | Reliable | Methodical | Conservative


Badger Bear Dog Fox Dolphin Lion Tiger Otter Sea Lion Tiger Walrus Weasel Wildcat Wild Dog Wolf

Powerful | Optimistic | Territorial | Courageous | Athletic | Fastidious | Athletic | Adventurous | Energetic | Attractive | Fun Loving | Talented | Flamboyant | World Travelers | Loyal


Eagle Owl Peacock Penguin Rooster Swan Vulture

Energetic | Attractive | Fun Loving | Talented | Flamboyant | World Travelers


Crocodile Snake

Artistic | Creative | Quick Tempered | Moody | Quirky | Unpredictable