The hummingbird Personality

Hummingbird Characteristics: Small • Energetic • Poised • Extroverted • Nosy • Unreliable
Scientific Name: Archilochus colubris
Collective Term: A charm of hummingbirds

Always on the Go

Hummingbird personalities always seem to be busy... flitting from place to place to find root out their next opportunity.  This is why the career prospects for hummingbirds are sunny... their earnest demeanors and boundless energy signals to an employer that they’re going to get things done with time to spare. Hummingbirds can multi-task better than any other animal personality, and are able to juggle a hundred balls without ever breaking a sweat.

A little frantic

Socially, hummingbirds are very appealing and usually are in the company of their wide circle of friends and extended families, and they take immense pride in their 100 page contact list.  The downside to this is that a conversation with a hummingbird usually involves a great deal of name-dropping.

Hummingbirds don't necessarily enjoy the way they live their frantic lives. The truth is that they need the constant activity to keep them energized, and are prone to depression when deprived of the gossip and attention that keeps them going.

Because of their frenetic lifestyles and desire to flit amongst their friends, partners and social circles, hummingbird personalities don't really understand the concept of complex social structures. This is why most relationships with a hummingbird are doomed from the start... only select personalities can retrain the hummingbird's attention, and otter and dolphin personalities are a good start. When a hummingbird truly connects with the right partner... sparks will fly.