The sparrow Personality

Sparrow Characteristics: Social • Resourceful • Unobtrusive • Opportunistic • Unfocused • Flighty
Scientific Name: Passer domesticus
Collective Term: A quarrel of sparrows

How Sparrow Personalities Succeed

Sparrows are not assertive creatures, but they are impossible to ignore. Their adaptability has led them to become the single most common species of bird in the world, creating a niche for themselves wherever others have found success.

Sparrow personalities thrive on the scraps of that other animals consider insignificant. They aren't beggars though - taking advantage of others' leftovers is hard work in itself. It requires creativity and an indomitable spirit to be as successful as a sparrow.

However, sparrows are incapable of paving their own way. They rarely follow advice from their more successful peers, instead preferring to find an unobtrusive way to benefit from others' hard work. They aren't selfish though, and a sparrow would be horrified to find that its lifestyle harms others.

Sparrows tend to form massive groups with other sparrows, but larger personalities like the rhino or lion often find that having a sparrow tag along can be entertaining. However, relying on a sparrow is a mistake, as their attention spans tend to be too low to accomplish anything truly significant.

The Sparrow Personality should not be underestimated

While they share many similarities with terrestrial mouse personalities, sparrows differ in one key area - they are highly social creatures. A single sparrow on its own may escape notice, but with the support of like-minded friends they are a force to be reckoned with. With enough support sparrows are capable of accomplishing great things.