The swift Personality

Swift Characteristics: Good-looking • Athletic • Social • Flighty • Unfocused • Neurotic
Scientific Name: Apus apus
Collective Term: A scream of swifts

Dependable and Attractive

Swifts are the athletes of the air. Swooping in at over 70 mph they can outrun any foe, which is why adult swifts have no natural enemies. As a swift personality, you're probably the kind of person who gets up early and is always in shape. You have a wide circle of friends who have a similar energy and you're drawn to people who can keep up with your active lifestyle. Good for you!

While swifts do spend most of their time in the air, they don't quite live in it the same way an albatross personality does. Sticking low to the ground, swifts are still very much engaged with the affairs of terrestrial animals, and of course, they come home every night to roost in the same predictable spot.

In college, you probably lived in a dorm or large shared house. Swifts like to roost in close proximity to people like them and have little regard for personal boundaries - but they expect the same of others.

Unlike the more powerful eagle personality, the thought of flying solo terrifies you. It's not that you can't survive without your friends and family, you just wouldn't know what to do without the constant buzzing of activity.

Swifts are usually attractive and can definitely be show-offs, but they don't have quite the same preoccupation with physical beauty as peacocks do. Instead, they prefer to impress others with their abilities, like card tricks and setting sports records.

If you have a weakness, it's probably that you're not much of a chess player, because intellectual pursuits aren't really your thing. You're perfectly capable of cracking a 4.0 if you were to put your mind to it, but your brain has plenty on its plate just living life to its fullest.