The beaver Personality

Beaver Characteristics: Reliable • Ethical • Judgmental
Scientific Name: Castor canadensis
Collective Term: A business of beavers 

The Industrious Beaver

Beavers are the workaholics of the animal world, and no animal personality places more emphasis -- nor derives more self-esteem -- than beavers do from their careers. They can be found at all levels of the working world, though they perform best in unsupervised positions that require serious responsibility. This makes them ideal for roles as ship captains, naval officers, judges, accountants or bank managers. As a handyperson they have no equal: if asked to fix a chair, they'll build one from scratch.

Beaver Personalities are Impeccably Organized

Organized and structured, their determined attitudes spill over into all aspects of their busy lives as they plan for the future almost obsessively. Decisions made regarding their relationships, careers and families are methodically and practically prepared, and they are most comfortable at work or ensconced in their fastidiously decorated homes. In their spare time, beavers love to busy themselves around the house or tend their precisely manicured lawns.

It is arguable, however, whether the beaver's complex home-building skills require intelligence or simply instinct... much as birds build their nests. 

The Workaholics of the Animal Kingdom

While other animals are playing or relaxing, beavers are hard at work. They are well prepared for any eventuality and their homes are well stocked with spare water, emergency radios and survival kits. Even the beaver is not sure why it spends such energy in securing its home, but it instinctively feels more comfortable when it does.

Beaver personalities come in all shapes and sizes. Generally in good physical condition, they find time to keep fit even with their busy work schedules. Their conscientious attitudes make them dependable as friends and a commitment from a beaver is like money in the bank.

The Wild Beaver

The beaver is second in size to the South American capybara as the world's largest rodent. Famous for their engineering talents, beavers are able to create advanced damming systems and intricate lodges. It is arguable, however, whether the beaver's complex home-building skills require intelligence or is simply instinct, much as a bird builds a nest. Today, it is generally believed that the beaver's intelligence is overrated. Contrary to the notion that they purposely fell trees to fall into the water, they are frequently killed by having these trees fall on them. 

Beavers live in colonies and mate for life. They are preyed on by all carnivores of their own weight or more, and, they are relatively defenseless when away from the protection of their lodge. Today, the beaver receives protection from human hunting, although some beaver populations have been so successful that control has become necessary. 

Careers & Hobbies

Engineer • Naval Officer • Manager • Judge 

Gardening • Woodworking • Collecting • Sewing

Love & Friendship

The beaver is an eager lover and its relationships can survive the most difficult challenges. Once a beaver has made a commitment, it will move water and earth to uphold its promise.

Beavers are passionate -- but hardly imaginative -- in their lovemaking... their partners' approval is too important to gamble away. This makes the beaver unique amongst the water mammals who are always willing to get their feet wet. But, even with their conservative libidos, beavers are still attracted to casual relationships with the free-spirited aquatic dolphins, sea lions, walruses, and otters.

If a beaver's partner is looking for someone to rock its world, he or she should keep looking. But if they're seeking a supportive, monogamous and committed partner -- they've come to the right place. However, since the beaver's idea of support is financial rather than emotional, it's not uncommon for its partner to feel alienated and lonely.

Ideal marriages result from unions with sea lions, moles, and mice, all of who appreciate the beaver's hardworking determined spirit, while the larger carnivores are to be avoided at all costs; relationships with lions, bears and tigers are invariably one-sided with the beaver ending up with the short end of the stick.

Famous Beaver Personalities

Jimmy Carter

Portrait of Jimmy Carter

No matter what you think of his politics, no modern U.S. President worked more hours than Jimmy "The Beaver" Carter.

Alexander Graham Bell

Portrait of Alexander Graham Bell

Inventing a device that changes the world is no mean feat, and takes the dedication and drive that only a beaver has. Bell's telephone is still the mainstay of modern society.