The wolf Personality

Wolf Characteristics: Good looking • Athletic • Decisive • Passionate • Aggressive
Scientific Name: Canis Lupus
Collective Term: A pack of wolves 

The Impressive Wolf

The rugged wolf is athletic, good-looking and brimming with self-confidence. A close relative of the domestic dog, it is stronger and more aggressive, managing to generate notoriety wherever it marks its territory. The wolf's dark reputation is mainly due to jealousy of its consistent success in work and romance. A wolf in full stride is quite impressive. Firing orders at subordinates while on the phone to customers, no one can get the job done quite as efficiently as the wolf.

The Wolf Personality Requires Loyalty

With an innate understanding of the value of teamwork, it’s always ready to take its place in the chain of command either as leader or as simply a member of the pack. When a wolf decides to innovate, it makes sure that it has the backing of a capable team, for the wolf is clear-headed and strong-minded, and always willing to compromise in the interests of getting a job done.

Wolves are facially expressive and readily communicate their emotional states with body language. They work hard at developing their social relationships, although -- unlike their cousin the dog -- they are quick to anger when they sense threats to the social order. When confrontations occur, they sometimes react suddenly and violently, barking displeasure at offending subordinates. Close companions know to avoid their biting tongue until they resume their normal gregarious behavior.

The Wolf Personality's Career

Wolves are intensely ambitious and never shy from hard work. Socially adept, they function well in leadership and management roles as well as jobs requiring vision and strength of character. Being a natural motivator, their instinctive understanding of group dynamics serves them well in goal-oriented tasks.

As bosses, wolves demand absolute loyalty and they provide the same allegiance to their employees. Their ability to perform under pressure helps them attain the highest executive levels, and with strong communication instincts they maintain a constant stream of notes, letters, and email to coworkers. Their instinctive understanding of the chain of command makes wolves excellent soldiers or law enforcement officers.

Wolves in the Wild

No animal has been as misunderstood as the wolf. Cast as a bloodthirsty villain in folklore and children's stories, wolves have enjoyed a special mystique that has engendered fear and respect throughout their range.

Thought by many to be the ancestor of the domestic dog, wolves were once widespread over Europe, Asia, and North America. Their range was probably wider than any other carnivore, and their success was due in part to their rigidly enforced social structure.

Careers & Hobbies

Law enforcement • Soldier • Medical fields • Trial Lawyer
Team sports • Outdoor activities • Theater • Debating

Love & Friendship

The wolf insists on fidelity from its mate, but even after its partner has sworn its devotion the wolf must battle its canine hormones that drive it to distraction.

On the positive side of the ledger, the wolf makes a gallant effort to remain faithful; satisfying its haunting need for romance through its strong platonic friendships (at least that's what we're told).

Is it love or a deep animalistic lust that is the wolf's secret hunger? The answer proves elusive even to the wolf, whose appetites for the hunt bedevil its romantic stability. When a relationship is in trouble, the wolf leaves no stone unturned in its quest to restore harmony. Unfortunately, this obsessive behavior can give the impression that its partner is simply another challenge for the wolf to conquer.

Famous Wolf Personalities

Tom Cruise


Tom Cruise owns Hollywood for a reason. He has the same aggression, good-looks, resourcefulness and cunning of his alter-ego, the wolf. He's also got the "howling at the moon" thing going -- as evidenced by his fervent belief in Scientology.

Bill Clinton

Bill has the same political instincts as a wolf -- even though some people call him a dog for obvious reasons. He's definitely Canis Lupus though. Completely undomesticated.