The fox Personality

Fox Characteristics: Autonomous • Generous • Creative • Flirtatious • Procrastinating
Scientific Name: Vulpes vulpes
Collective Term: A skulk of foxes

The Astute Fox

The fox personality is very much a creature of the night and, along with its dog relatives, is among the most gregarious of the carnivores. These agile-minded personalities are always active and -- although they never go out of their way to harm others -- have developed an unfair reputation for slyness and manipulation. The female of the species is called a vixen for good reason: with a sharp mind and equally sharp tongue, it’s best to stay on her good side, especially since she’s like to rise to the top of her chosen field.

Charming Carnivores

Appealing, cerebral and of average size, the fox is a close relative of both the wolf and dog personalities and displays the typical canine qualities of loyalty, passion and creativity. Largely misunderstood to be a shy, retreating individual, it's the fox's stature as a small carnivore that defines its survival strategy. Because it cannot succeed using brute force alone, the fox must rely on its sharp mind and engaging personality to garner resources. Because it spends so much time in its head -- giving the impression that it's trying to outsmart everyone – the fox isn’t surprised that others find its intellectual pursuits quite intimidating (and often annoying).

Foxes are fussy eaters and, with an appreciation for the finer things in life, demand quality in entertainment, food, and friends. Their love of exploration dovetails with their passion for overcoming challenges, which is why foxes are often found mountain climbing or journeying to exotic, forbidden places.

Foxes can be Subtle

Flamboyance is not the fox's style; it prefers to remain inconspicuous in a small, cozy house, which is usually organized and neat.   Choosing subtlety and cunning over brute strength, they are unquestionably hunter personalities and are usually in good physical shape and perform well in pastimes that challenge both mind and body.

Foxes are typically successful in the workplace, but their competitiveness and ambition sometimes make coworkers feel belittled. While they would never deliberately take advantage of others, their single-mindedness often blinds them to the feelings of others. Foxes thrive when running their own businesses, but will usually seek a trusted partner in these ventures. Although they prefer consensus in partnership decisions, they usually dominate discussions and steer plans to reflect their own agenda. Competent in a wide range of fields, foxes are particularly well suited for a career as computer programmers, lawyers, doctors or politicians.

Foxes in the Wild

Foxes are closely related to dogs and jackals and comprise a number of distinct species; each with its unique range. Assessing the worldwide population of foxes is difficult as these animals mainly go about their business at night and are skilled at staying out of sight, although they sometimes fall prey to coyotes and wolves. Today its main enemy is man... and because of its tree-climbing habit, it is an easy animal to trap, although most species are not considered endangered.  During the day, foxes rest in thick brush or in the hollows of tree.  The fox is the only member of the canine family to routinely climb trees and often escapes danger by running up the trunk of a sturdy tree and navigating overhanging branches.

Foxes are not particularly fast runners, nor do they have the endurance for long chases... relying instead on their keen intelligence to make their living.

Careers & Hobbies

Computer programmer • Lawyer • Doctor • Advertising
Chess • Gambling • Debating • Jeopardy

Love & Friendship

As lovers, foxes are passionate and inventive, with their agile minds and bodies leading to exciting romps. Yet, because foxes are generally uncomfortable with the idea of emotional neediness, they rely on their partners to generate the romance and safe harbor. 

Despite their roguish reputations, foxes are quite discerning in their choice of mates. They are particularly attracted to the creativity and gumption of eagles, zebras and wild dogs... creatures with which they are physically and temperamentally well -matched. Foxes should avoid wildcats and tigers, however, for while these aggressive carnivores provide immediate carnal gratification, their feline characteristics clash with the fox's canine essence.

Beneath its even-handed exterior is a deeply emotional core that the fox keeps well-guarded. Lovers quickly realize that the fox prefers nurturing to being nurtured, which is really just a fox ploy to avoid intimacy... a fox will never reveal its vulnerabilities unless it finds a mate who it intellectually respects, and emotionally trusts.

Famous Fox Personalities

David Duchovny

Portrait of David Duchovny

David Duchovny is a self-admitted sex-addict - and it takes a foxy personality to keep the babe-stream flowing. Made famous by his role in The X Files, Duchovny is also an accomplished comic actor.

Hugh Grant

Portrait of Hugh Grant

If you were to choose only three C adjectives to define a fox, you'd pick are Charming, Cunning and Cute. The same attributes that describe British actor Hugh Grant.

Johnnie Cochran

Portrait of Johnnie Cochran

If you're ever charged with murder (and you did it), you'd want a fox personality to represent you in court. OJ Simpson hired Johnny Cochran and the rest was history.

Michael J. Fox

Portrait of Michael J. Fox

His name, alone, makes Michael a true fox, and trailblazing in his career supports his case.