The crocodile Personality

Crocodile Characteristics: Tough • Street-smart • Self-reliant • Passionate • Conceited • Ruthless
Scientific Name: Crocodylus niloticus
Collective Term:  A treachery of crocodiles 

The Underhanded Crocodile

Crocodiles are lean, leathery individuals with air of wariness that comes from living on the edge, which is why their skins are often decorated with scars or tattoos. Crocodiles are not always easy to identify because their survival strategy is based on misdirection and camouflage. As natural predators, crocs will attack without subtlety or intelligence and use any weapon at their disposal.

Crocodiles prefer docile prey and will not hesitate to employ dirty tricks to gain an advantage. They have little sense of honor and, the more unwary their victim, the better.

Be Cautious Around your Crocodile Friends

Crocs have little conscience, compassion, or guiding philosophy except that of survival and self-interest. But beware the crocodile's tears... they may run freely but they don’t run deep.

Living on the fringes of society, crocs avoid mainstream locales and prefer dimly lit, grimy hotels for their pursuit of food and entertainment, plying their nefarious craft by day and night. They are masters of disguise, and their ability to mask their true colors allows them to befriend unsuspecting victims and usurp their resources.

Crocodile Personalities Serve a Purpose

Crocodiles do serve a useful service to society, however. They’re willing to do the jobs that others find too unpleasant.  Their talent for disguise makes them excellent private investigators and deep undercover work. With their particularly ruthless natures, crocodiles are often hired by legitimate businesses to be bouncers or personal bodyguards, and some enterprising crocodiles go into their own businesses as gang-members, hired killers and second-story men. But all too often, they find their true calling as common thieves or conmen.

Crocodiles in the Wild

Among the most feared animals in nature, these cold-blooded creatures are masters of their domain. Adult crocodiles have no natural enemies and will ruthlessly attack any creature who dares to enter their realm.

They are distinguishable from their close relatives the alligators by the shape of their snouts. The size of a crocodile can vary greatly, sometimes reaching lengths of twenty feet.

To assist in their lives in the water, crocodiles will swallow several pounds of stones to help stabilize their bodies. This technique is useful for younger crocodiles who are naturally top heavy and need the weight of the stones to keep them from capsizing.

Crocodiles are unquestionably man-eaters, but it is arguable just how dangerous they are. It seems that most of the killing is only done by a few individuals while others prefer their regular diet of deer, rodents, and even young crocodiles. Because of their tendency for cannibalism, juvenile crocodiles are always separated from the adults when basking.

Careers & Hobbies

Soldier • Undercover cop • Bodyguard • Bail bondsman
 Gambling • Hunting • Fishing • Swimming

Love & Friendship

Perhaps it is a misnomer to call a crocodile “a lover”, for there is no tenderness in the way it conducts its sex life. Its mating style is cold-blooded and mechanical and crocs prefer to devour their conquests whole. Being on the receiving end of such a coupling can be a matter of putting up with bruises, bite and scratch marks.

But the crocodile is never lonely. Like its reptilian cousin the snake, it attracts an odd assortment of submissive and masochistic followers willing to cater to its dark desires. They like to keep score of their conquests and in their mission to pile up the points usually target the careless and vulnerable.

If a crocodile were to seek a permanent relationship, its best shot would be with the snake personality who can identify with the crocodile's stealthy ways. Possibilities for animalistic water sports also exist with the lonely hippo, whose plump frame proves irresistible to the croc's carnal appetites.

Famous Crocodile Personalities

Osama bin Laden

Portrait of Osama bin Laden

It takes the guile of a crocodile to formulate a sneak attack on a much larger predator. Bin Laden's legacy will forever be associated with the worst attack on U.S. soil.

Charles Manson

Portrait of Charles Manson

The mind of a crocodile is a murky environment, and those who venture too closely are going to regret it.

Ted Bundy

Portrait of Ted Bundy

Sometimes a crocodile looks like an innocent log -- until it jumps up and gets all bitey. Just like serial-killer Ted Bundy who decapitated at least 12 of his victims.

Jeffrey Dahmer

Portrait of Jeffrey Dahmer

Jeffrey Dahmer ate his murdered victims brains and all.  Enough said.