The peacock Personality

Peacock Characteristics: Flirtatious • Loyal • Superficial

Scientific Name: Pavo cristatus 

Collective Term: A bouquet of peacocks 


The Unmistakable Peacock

Though it is beautiful, sexy and nattily attired, the peacock persona is simple and uncomplicated. For reasons that date back to its youth, it has developed a taste for being at the center of attention and craves the balm of constant praise and reassurance. A great deal of the peacock's time is spent in perfecting strategies that can enhance its personal status, and -- whether it's shopping for clothing or going to the gym to improve its already attractive body -- its preening borders on the obsessive.

Peacocks Personalities are Flashy

Perched on top of a peacock's lovely neck is a rather small head, decorated by a shock of perfectly coiffed hair. Their designer wardrobe is obsessively maintained, and they spend a great deal of time primping before heading out to strut their stuff. At heart, a peacock is an exhibitionist who enjoys nothing more than showing off and parading on the beach in skimpy attire, and a great deal of money is spent in the pursuit of beauty. Plastic surgery and body piercings are often employed to enhance their appearance.

The male peacock typically reveals his true feathers by his choice of car – perhaps a flashy sport model with vanity plates - while the female of the species relies on the latest fashions and dance moves to keep her in the spotlight. Peacocks are often targeted for unkind remarks, but even they are dimly aware of their own narcissism and accept this criticism as an inevitable consequence of being a peacock.

Sporting events are fastidiously avoided, but peacocks do spend an inordinate amount of time in the gym perfecting every aspect of their well-developed bodies.

The Peacock's Career

Natural primpers, peacocks flourish in all facets of the personal care business are well suited as models, dancers, actors or fitness instructors. Because of their love for beautiful objects they could excel as decorators or cosmetologists, and industrious peacocks even become architects and designers.

As their beauty dims later in life a peacock might reexamine their priorities, return to school and learn a new trade. Most peacocks evolve different animal personalities to better cope with the fading of their luster as middle age approaches.

Peacocks in the Wild

Throughout history, peacocks have been venerated and admired. The Ancient Greeks made it sacred to Hera, queen of the heavens, and it became a proud symbol of the Greek empire until the Romans discovered the birds to be mighty tasty when roasted.

Peacocks roost in trees and feed from the ground, eating anything that seems remotely edible. They have been known to kill snakes and small rodents and have even been observed snapping flies and bees from the air. Their wonderfully distinct plumage serves as a sexual stimulant to potential mates, but it is merely a single component in a rich series of strutting courtship rituals.

Careers & Hobbies

Model • Dancer • Actor • Designer • Fitness instructor
Shopping • Plastic surgery • Decorating • Dancing

Love & Friendship

Sexually, the peacock is a perfectionist. Although it would never be accused of being a bookworm, chances are, it's read the Kama Sutra or at least The Joy of Sex, and, as a firm believer that practice makes perfect, peacocks encourage their lovers to experiment in all manner of whimsical fantasy. A night with a peacock is something to write home about.

A peacock's love is pure and utterly simple. This popular bird has no shortage of suitors and its biggest problem is in filtering out the debris from the countless propositions it receives every week. Although at heart it is a romantic, it is willing to participate in superficial trysts to gratify its compulsion for attention. These impersonal encounters, however, do not fulfil the peacock's frantic quest for intimacy.

Still, there are those that treat the peacock with consideration, and even though they are unable to satisfy its romantic ideals, swans, roosters, eagles, and penguins all commiserate with the peacock's desire for respect. These fellow avians prove reliably sympathetic in matters of love and friendship, but peacocks should avoid the judgmental tendencies of the sharp-beaked owl whose impatience will shred its self-esteem.

Famous Peacock Personalities

Josephine Baker

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In true peacock fashion, Josephine loved all eyes on her as she shook her tailfeather.  

Elton John

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He expressed himself through music and flamboyant clothes and color, color, color!  A peacock personified.  


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This glitzy drag queen became a mainstream A-lister when he shone a light on a hidden culture. Thanks to his trailblazing, other peacocks can strut their stuff with a measure of societal acceptance.