The horse Personality

Horse Characteristics: Larger size • Steady • Plucky • Observant • Stubborn • Know-it-all
Scientific Name: Equus ballus
Collective Term: A team of horses 

A Stable Companion

Horse personalities are those strong, capable people that breeze through life with envious ease, but a closer look at these free-spirited personalities finds surprisingly complicated individuals who are sensitive to criticism and hate being ignored. That's why no one should say anything behind the horse's back; its sense of hearing is fiercely acute and its temper carries quite a kick.

Friendly, sensible and ticklish, horses insist at taking charge of their lives, at least until a special someone comes along to whom they're happy to relinquish the reins. Then the horse suddenly becomes a supportive, broad-shouldered mate ready to go anywhere and support any burden for the good of the relationship. These are deliberate creatures who are always trying to anticipate life's obstacles and -- although capable of bounding over most challenges -- horses certainly aren't too proud to admit their shortcomings and take the easy route wherever possible.

Horse Personalities Love the Outdoors

The horse's strong physique is well maintained by physical activity, and their effervescent personalities exude personal charm and confidence. Sometimes, when others take advantage of their helpful spirit, horses react with predictable equine behavior by saddling up and running off without a word. Usually though, a long solitary walk lets them blow off steam until they can resume their good-natured demeanor.

Their social skills are at their best during twilight when they gather with friends to ruminate and discuss the events of the day, but long hikes and nature walks are their favorite pastimes. One of the defining characteristics of a horse personality is its enormous endurance, which is evident in their talent for long-distance running and capability for challenging physical work.

The Sporty Horse

Horses enjoy all forms of activity ranging from dancing and swimming, to basketball and football, although they prefer team sports over solitary pursuits. Most horse are well-traveled and will usually insist on journeying in comfort.... rather than blazing new trails like fox and wildcat personalities, horses prefer the same type of tourist destinations like their fellow herbivores; the sheep and bison.

With their gregarious natures, these sturdy beasts generally rise to the top of their fields especially in sales and public relations positions, but -- due to a lack of aggression -- are not natural leaders. Horses prefer to slipstream a strong leader and control events from behind the scenes. If they are to be found in the political arena, it’ll usually be in a key advisory position and almost never as the person in the limelight.

Horses in the Wild

No one is quite sure when the horse was first domesticated, but it is certain it was some time before 2000 B.C. The best horses have traditionally been reserved for nobility and are still considered a status symbol.

Wild horses live in large herds on lush plains where each herd is led by a stallion. As male colts reach maturity, they are driven to the edges of the herd by the dominant male.

The domestic horse has played an important role in the history of war; the mounted Spanish conquistadors were virtually unstoppable in their conquest of South America.

Careers & Hobbies

Sales • Politics • Public relations • Physical labor • Medicine • Law
Dancing • Hiking • Basketball • Golf

Love & Friendship

Horses are serial monogamists and prefer quality over quantity in their partners. When it comes to lovemaking, foreplay is brief -- at best a bit of pawing or a nip on the neck – and although horses make love with great intensity, they prefer to get things over with rather quickly.

Horses are quite capable of amusing themselves and have no problem with remaining single until middle age. Although they have no compunction about truncating unsatisfactory relationships, horses hate to completely let go, and friendships with ex-lovers are carefully maintained.

Horses seek partners that can relate to their outdoor personalities and draw their mates from amongst their cloven hoofed cousins. Female horses go for the solidly built, beefy types, which is why the bison and elephant make for sensible if unexciting affairs. Male horses are drawn to the graceful and strong willed personalities like the sable and zebra.

Although horses are strong and capable in their public lives, they get a secret thrill in relinquishing their control and having their partner dominate them. Leather, saddles, carrots and sticks are all tools in the horse's private passion.


Celebrity Horses

LeBron James

Portrait of Lebron James

For obvious reasons, many NBA stars are giraffe personalities. So what makes LeBron James a horse? His effervescence, agreeability, and generosity on the court (and off).

 Tom Selleck

Portrait of Tom Selleck
Tom Selleck made his name playing the broad-shouldered, capable guy-next-door in TV shows and movies. It's generally agreed that his real-life personality matched the horse persona perfectly too.