The penguin Personality

Penguin Characteristics: Witty • Meticulous • Intelligent • Dual-natured • Inscrutable • Self-conscious
Scientific Name: Aptenodytes patagonica
Collective Term: A colony of penguins 

The Penguin Personality

Now you see it, now you don't. Aggressive yet gentle, outgoing but shy, stable yet flighty - everyone sees the penguin in a different way. It's that black and white thing: the penguin only reveals the side that it wants to you to see. So whether you like this darling-devil or not, you have to concede that it's a fascinating and enigmatic individual.

Penguins are birds condemned to live out their days on the ground. Unable to fly, their excess energy has no outlet save their creative talents and emotional outbursts. Penguins are poetic, artistic, and intellectually gifted, and as writers penguins have no equal. But, if unable to channel their impulses in a positive way, the resulting turmoil proves damaging to their relationships and careers.

Never Underestimate a Penguin

Penguins are deceptively intelligent and are particularly animated when intellectually challenged. They excel at word games and puzzles but are modest about their abilities and are generally underestimated by others.

With their misunderstood personality, penguins find writing an ideal tool for expressing their true feelings. They have a natural aptitude for languages and penguin personalities dominate the world of publishing as writers, editors, and journalists.

The Penguin Personality's Career

A strong sense of drama draws penguins to the theater and cinema, although unlike typical bird personalities they avoid the spotlight unless they're able to hide behind the characters they play. Once on stage however, they prove to be excellent performers with their multifaceted personalities conveying the full gamut of emotions.

However, in many cases a lack of confidence affects their work. Penguins tend to give up on tasks they were otherwise capable of and are frequently disappointed with their performance. Still, work never dominates their lives and they always put their family first.

Penguins in the Wild

Like all flightless birds, penguins reside only in the southern hemisphere, and having found a niche in the wild, frozen wasteland that is Antarctica, most penguin species move south in winter to breed in the extreme cold. Although conditions are harsh, penguins can form large breeding groups with minimal fear of predators, and they are supremely well adapted for this environment. 

Surviving the Antarctic winter takes a great deal of cooperation from the penguins and they huddle together to conserve heat. As the penguins on the outside of the group begin to get cold, they are allowed by the others to move into the interior of the group to regain body heat.

Careers & Hobbies

Waiter • Designer • Actor • Journalist • Herbalist • Writer
Gambling • Board games • Reading • Family time

Love & Friendship

Since penguins have the coldest feet in the animal kingdom, it's no surprise that within its conflicted bosom there beats the warmest heart of all. Unfortunately, most of us will never experience this gentle compassion for the penguin rations it only to family and close friends.

Penguins mate for life and they make their commitments in black and white. Boredom is never an issue and it would never occur to them to look outside their marriage for stimulation. However, the flighty core of its bird personality struggles to maintain an even keel, challenging its partner's patience and endurance.

It takes a special person to flesh out the penguin's wonderful qualities and mammalian personalities like horses, moles and dogs simply do not have the tools to decipher its avian sensibilities. Neither is the penguin fully accepted by eagles, owls and roosters who look down their noses at their land-bound cousin.

True acceptance comes in the form of semi-aquatic mammals, and relationships with otters, walruses, and beavers are complete in many ways.

Famous Penguin Personalities

Oscar Wilde

Portrait of Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde was one of London's most celebrated playwright and novelist. A spokesman for aestheticism, after he wrote The Importance of Being Earnest, he was sued for libel, which led to his arrest for homosexuality. He served two years in jail with hard labor and died destitute at the age of 46.

Truman Capote

Portrait of Truman Capote

Truman Capote was an American novelist, actor and screenwriter who wrote Breakfast at Tiffany's and In Cold Blood. His distinctively flamboyant speaking style helped maintain his celebrity status until his death. He died at the home of Johnny Carson's wife.

Danny Devito

Portrait of Danny Devito

An American actor, comedian and director, Danny Devito made his name playing Louie De Palma in the TV series Taxi. Danny also made a mark playing The Penguin in Batman Returns -- for which he won a Razzie Award for Worst Supporting Actor.