The elephant Personality

Elephant Characteristics: Oversized • Spiritual • Intelligent • Principled • Protective • Pompous
Scientific Name: Loxodonta africana
Collective Term: A herd of elephants 

A Natural Leader

An elephant personality is someone whose deliberate movements exude confidence and calm in all aspects of his or her life. It may not be the king of the animal world, but it certainly a member of the royal family. With its imposing physical presence and spiritual demeanor, it moves easily through life and few barriers can hold it back.

There's a touch of cool in the stoic elephant that's appealing and reassuring and, in all probability, its composure stems from the knowledge that it has no natural enemies; even the lion and crocodile personalities pay homage by giving it a respectful berth. Only the unpredictable tiger has been known to trigger any semblance of anxiety in this otherwise unruffled animal.

Elephants are Formidable

Generally slow to anger, elephants can sometimes exhibit a violent temper, and will employ their powerful personalities to humble unwanted intrusion. 

If an elephant sets its mind to something, it won’t waver in its commitment until the task is completed. Their intelligence -- combined with a formidable personality -- gives them a terrific advantage in business and social affairs, while their communication skills make them first-rate leaders. Trustworthy and honest, they always let others know where they stand with regard to their feelings.

The Elephant Personality's Career

In business, elephants are usually found in leadership roles as executives or company presidents and, although highly paid, are never ostentatious with their wealth. Interestingly, when it comes to the top echelons of political office, elephant personalities are far more likely to be female... females are more likely to maintain an even temper while their counterparts tend to be less predictable. 

Elephants in the Wild

Elephants are the largest living land animal, and have a communal society that requires an intricate communication system. A little-known facet of elephant behavior is that they purr.

For a long time naturalists were puzzled by the unusual sound emanating from elephants’ stomachs. These sounds have nothing to do with digestion and can be heard over incredibly long distances, and these low-frequency tummy-rumblings would suddenly stop when someone approached. It turns out that the sounds act as a signal to the rest of the herd that all is well, and when danger approaches, the sudden silence alerts all.

In addition to their belly-calls, elephants trumpet loudly and aggressively and these shrill tones unmistakingly signal that elephants are in the neighborhood.

Careers & Hobbies

Manager • Judge • Musician • Business Executive • Politician • Leader
Singing • Family • Art appreciation  

Love & Friendship

It’s not just the elephant’s size that impresses its lovers. Certainly size matters, but this is not what has given rise to the legendary tales about elephant lovers. Elephants inject so much emotional and physic energy into a relationship that lovers find so compelling. Certainly it isn't their looks; elephants are somewhat underwhelming with their plain gray appearances.

Elephant personalities almost always have a passion for the arts -- particularly history and psychology, and find enormous value in the lessons of the past. They tend to seek mates who appreciate their gentle sensitivities, yet strong enough to keep pace with their powerful personalities. They are attractive -- and attracted to -- larger herbivorous animals; particularly zebra, rhinos and horses, and have an irresistible soft-spot for the long-necked big-game personality... the giraffe.

Famous Elephant Personalities

Indira Gandhi

Portrait of Indira Gandhi

Indira Gandhi was the leader of India -- the world's largest (and most tumultuous) democracy. If that doesn't call for the steady hand of a matriarchal elephant personality, nothing does.

Golda Meir

Portrait of Golda Meir

If it's true that female elephant personalities make great leaders, it's because the have the perfect combination of stability, thoughtfulness and intelligence. Israel's first -- and only -- female leader embodied all these qualities.


Portrait of Pavarotti

Most famous male elephant personalities are not known for their calm, reasoned interaction with the world. But they do have one or two distinctive physical attributes -- like Pavarotti's incomparable singing voice.